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Meet Attorney Ryan DeBra

Confidence in your attorney is important both in and out of the courtroom. You want to turn to a legal representative with the knowledge, passion and strength to take on the most complex, challenging aspects of your case. That’s exactly what we offer.

At DeBra Law, LLC, our founder, attorney Ryan DeBra, is thorough, honest and attentive and takes immense pride in being an aggressive advocate for clients in Cincinnati and across Ohio. When you work with him, you’ll find he has a high standard of service and keeps in constant communication with you throughout your case. His goal is to capitalize on every legal opportunity available to pursue the successful outcome you deserve.

Learn more about attorney DeBra in his bio below:

Ryan DeBra

Ryan DeBra Defends Your Rights

Criminal charges put your freedom and reputation in danger, and that will cause you stress. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. DeBra leverages more than a decade of trial experience to fight for you. His knowledge of the legal realities of Ohio, means he can provide you with an honest assessment of your case. No matter what, he will always fight for your rights and help you feel like you have better handle on a difficult situation.

Ryan DeBra Protects Your Family

Even perfectly amicable family law cases are immensely challenging. There are any number of ways that a routine family law filing can lead to a protracted case. Despite the risks and pitfalls, you can have confidence that Ryan DeBra will be with you. His strength as a litigator and his attentive service lead to strong results for his clients.

To Us Success Is Everything

A successful outcome looks different for every persona and every case. Sometimes success means outright victory on all fronts. Sometimes success is mitigating the worst case scenario. One of the first conversations you will have with our attorney at DeBra Law, LLC, is how you will define a success.

For honest, dedicated and strong service from an attentive team, reach out to us. We will speak with you candidly about the legal situation you face and build a plan with you. Call 513-548-5920 or send an email to get started with a free consultation.