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How to reduce conflict and confusion in co-parenting communication

Even though you and your ex aren’t together any longer, you still have to speak to each other about the children. Being able to do this in an appropriate manner can help you reduce conflict and stress. This is beneficial for the kids because they can see that their parents are able to put their differences aside to help them.

Communicate privately and directly

Parents should always communicate directly with each other so that the intended messages are being relayed. Those conversations should happen in private, especially if there’s a chance that they’ll be contentious. The children don’t need to be privy to the adult matters that are being discussed. You also should avoid asking the children to pass messages back and forth since they might misstate the messages, and it can lead them to feel like they’re in the middle.

Keep a professional tone

You shouldn’t be short or cranky with your ex when you’re talking about the children. Speaking to them in a business-like manner might help to keep discussions on track. You’ll likely have to remove your emotions from the situation. The past is gone, so dwelling on the things that ended the marriage won’t help matters. It might help if you remember that even a horrible spouse can be a fantastic parent.

You’re bound to have some disagreements as you raise the children with your co-parent. Including dispute resolution methods in your parenting plan can help you and your ex both know how these matters will be handled. That same plan should also include the rules and guidelines for other child custody matters, including the parenting time schedule and responsibilities for each parent. Your family law attorney can help you.