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What happens to your Ohio driver’s license after an OVI arrest?

Operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) is a relatively common criminal offense in Ohio. Anyone who drives in an unsafe manner or who has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit for their age or license group could wind up arrested and charged with an OVI.

An OVI charge can have a lot of consequences for your life, including the possibility of jail time or fines if you are convicted or plead guilty. An impaired driving offense will also have a negative impact on your driving privileges. What typically happens to your license after an OVI arrest in Ohio?

The officer who arrests you may keep your license

The officer arresting you may ask for your driver’s license and other identifying information early in your interaction. If they end up arresting you for an OVI, they will very likely keep your license and not return it to you even after you secure your release to await trial.

Ohio has an administrative suspension policy, which means that you potentially lose your license as soon as you get arrested. An administrative suspension begins at the time of your arrest and persists until either they finish their suspension or they defeat the charge against them in court.

Drivers may have to go to court to get their driving privileges and licensing back after an administrative suspension or a suspension as the result of a criminal sentence. You will possibly have professional licensing concerns, as well. Fighting back against the pending OVI charge may be the best way to limit the length and impact of a license suspension.