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What kinds of spousal support are there in Ohio?

In Ohio, spousal support is defined as the compensation paid to a former spouse or current spouse, as well as a third party on behalf of a former or current spouse, which is intended to support them.

Spousal support in Ohio may be allowed in a gross sum, installment, be based on future income or be made up of real or personal property. It’s also designed to end immediately upon the death of either person unless otherwise agreed.

2 kinds of spousal support

In Ohio, there are two main forms of spousal support. These include:

  • Permanent spousal support
  • Temporary spousal support

Either of these can be ordered by the court. With permanent support, the duration will be determined based on whatever timeframe the court believes is reasonable. For temporary support, payments begin during the divorce process and end when the final decree is made.

When is spousal support ordered in Ohio?

Spousal support is normally ordered when a lesser-earning spouse needs support in order to acquire education, job experience or training. They may also receive support to boost their standard of living following divorce or to support a parent who will not be able to seek employment due to caring for a minor child from that marriage. Sometimes, support is ordered to help one spouse recover some of the money spent investing in the other spouse’s education.

Some of the factors that the court considers when deciding on support include:

  • The income of both parties
  • Each person’s relative earning capabilities
  • The assets and liabilities of both parties
  • The standard of living during the marriage

…as well as many others.

Remember, if spousal support is ordered, it is possible that it could be modified in the future. If the divorce decree allows for modifications and a major change in circumstances occurs, such as a major promotion, significant medical expenses or a marriage, then the spousal support orders may be changed upon approval of the court.

If you need spousal support, it’s worth looking into it. This support may be beneficial as you work to further your career or adjust to your new living arrangements.