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How to make the most of your co-parenting schedule

The transition from being married to being a single parent isn’t easy. One of the areas that some moms and dads struggle with is finding time to do all the things they need to do. While it isn’t always easy, it’s possible if you take a realistic look at your schedule and prioritize your obligations.

Trying to be present in the moment may be very helpful for you as you make these adjustments. This will ensure that you have time for everything that you need to do.

Spend time with your children

Try to spend time with your kids when they’re with you. You might not have them on major holidays or other important days since you’re sharing them with your ex. You need to plan to celebrate those days when they’re with you. Looking ahead on the schedule can help you decide when to celebrate them.

Find time to focus on self care

It might be easier for you to plan your self care time when your kids are with your ex. You may find it easier to do things without them alongside you when they’re with your ex. It might also be tempting to clean the house during this time, but you shouldn’t do so if it will result in you neglecting yourself. A parent who’s well-rested and taking care of themselves will likely parent more effectively.

Try to get your parenting plan in place as quickly as possible after you and your co-parent separate. Doing so early on will give your children more time to adjust to the new schedule and your newfound way of life. It also gives you the chance to make the necessary arrangements to get your new life started on a good footing.