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Getting angry will do you no favors if pulled over by the police

While the majority of road users in Ohio go about their daily business with no interference, there is always a possibility of being pulled over by the police. Why does this happen? There will often be a reason, such as a suspected driving infraction or even a broken taillight. Nonetheless, occasionally law enforcement will be unjustified in pulling someone over.

Even if you feel that you have been pulled over for no reason, it is important to remain calm. It is only natural to feel frustrated, but you have to consider what is in your best interests at all times. 

Why you should keep your cool when approached by police 

Seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror can be terrifying, but it is important to try and remain calm. Your safety is the top priority, and while you should pull over, it is vital to do so in a safe manner. 

After pulling to a safe stop, you may be tempted to get out of the vehicle and protest your innocence or reach into the glove compartment so that you can show your paperwork and get it all over with. Neither of those options is advisable. Taking some deep breaths and staying composed will serve you best. Remain courteous and follow the instructions of the officer. 

You don’t have to say anything 

While you should not lie about who you are, you do not have to say anything that is self-incriminating. This is a legal right that is enshrined in the fifth amendment of the U.S. constitution. You will have a chance to offer your side of the story, and it is better for you to do this in the courts rather than on the side of the road. One thing is for sure, getting into any kind of confrontation with law enforcement will only be to your detriment. 

Getting pulled over by law enforcement can be stressful, but the truth will come out eventually. Remembering that you have legal rights in Ohio will help you achieve a more favorable outcome in your case.