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Don’t get a March Madness OVI

March Madness is fast approaching. It is one of the most beloved sporting events of the year when the best college basketball teams in the nation play a massive tournament. The first weekend has the most games, as the whole thing is single-elimination, and it starts on March 15. But the tournament runs all the way until the title game on April 4.

This is a very popular tournament, and not just with college students. Even those who are no longer in school often gather with their friends to watch the games and have a few drinks. Many people flock to bars or restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.

As fun as all of this can be, it’s important to remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence. If you do, you could be facing OVI charges in Ohio. Don’t let this experience of enjoying the tournament with your friends lead to charges that will impact the rest of your life. An OVI can lead to a license suspension, fines, jail time and much more. If you’re dependent on your car to go to work, it could even cost you your job. This is something you must take very seriously.

How can you avoid it?

Other than not drinking, there are many ways to avoid getting an OVI while you’re watching March Madness. You could use a ride-sharing company to get a ride to and from your location. You could watch the games with a designated driver. You could simply set up the watch party at your house so that you don’t have to leave.

You do have options, but it’s also true that people are going to get drunk driving charges over the next month-and-a-half after they’ve been watching basketball. Those who do need to make sure they understand all of their legal options.