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Don’t let peer pressure land you in trouble with the law 

Obtaining your driving license is an exciting time. It can open the door to new career opportunities and allow you to travel as you see fit. 

As well as granting certain freedoms, driving is also a huge responsibility. The roads can be hazardous at the best of times, and they become even more dangerous when road users engage in bad driving practices. 

You may feel conflicted as your friends are going out every weekend and partying, but you would rather drive. Your friends may encourage you to engage in both activities, but the reality is that you can’t do both

You are in charge of the situation

The legal driving age in Ohio is set at 15 years and six months for a reason. In terms of the law, you are deemed to be responsible enough to head out onto the roads once you have passed the relevant tests. In return for these driving privileges, you are expected to be mature enough to follow the law. Your friends may not yet fully understand this responsibility, and you should always question the motives of someone who is encouraging you to drink and drive. Remember, you are in full control of the situation and it is never worth jeopardizing your safety or that of other people, let alone landing in trouble with the law. 

Is it really worth the risk?

Everybody makes mistakes, but they are proportionate. If you give in to the peer pressure of having a drink, you can still make a conscious decision not to drive afterward. Think about how long you have waited to get your license and the effort you put into learning how to drive. Is it really worth throwing this away for the sake of an alcoholic beverage? 

Your driving privileges are pivotal and they are worth protecting. If you find yourself facing OVI charges in Ohio, be sure to explore your legal options