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2 common reasons the police will pull you over 

Generally, the police are not allowed to pull people over in an arbitrary manner. They must, at the very least, suspect you of some form of criminal wrongdoing or traffic violation. 

Once you have been pulled over, the police may conduct questioning and investigations, which can ultimately lead to more charges. Outlined below are some of the more common reasons why you may stand out to the police, resulting in them pulling you over.

Vehicle malfunctions 

All vehicles in Ohio are expected to have at least two working stop lights and headlights. If an officer spots you at night time operating a car with lights that aren’t working, it’s likely that they’ll pull you over and possibly issue a ticket. Once stopped, however, there’s also a possibility that the officer will conduct further investigations into your sobriety. 

Poor driving behavior

Whether or not a person wants to admit it, it’s actually fairly difficult to drive for long distances without making a mistake. If you cross the centerline of the roadway for even a brief second, follow too closely behind a police car or other vehicle, or make any form of human error, you could be subjected to a traffic stop. 

It’s also important to consider the different forms of potential distractions in your vehicle. Ohio has some very strict laws on texting and driving and if the police notice you on your cell phone, it’s highly likely that they will pull you over and investigate further. 

Any time you’ve been pulled over you may face questioning over your sobriety as well as being asked to take a Breathalyzer test. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty and seeking legal guidance will help you to assert your rights.