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Fleeing and eluding law enforcement in Ohio

When you hear the sirens of a police car behind you, it can feel scary, and you may feel helpless. You may wonder what you’ve done wrong and what will happen next. Even though that is understandable, it is critical for you to remain calm, pull over and cooperate with the police. Otherwise, you could face some serious penalties.

Fleeing and eluding

Driving is considered a privilege and regulated by state law via law enforcement. When you are operating a vehicle in Ohio, you are subject to all applicable laws and regulations enforced by the police force. If a police officer attempts to pull you over for any reason and you choose to ignore their attempt to stop you, you may be charged with fleeing and eluding, which could be a felony, depending on the specifics of your case.

A fleeing and eluding violation is a felony if:

  • You flee immediately after committing a felony
  • The operation of the motor vehicle is a proximate cause of serious harm to a person or property
  • The operation of the motor vehicle caused a substantial risk of serious physical injury to a person or property

What happens if I am charged with fleeing and eluding?

The first thing to do is to evaluate the circumstances of your case, which you do not have to do alone. You can count on the assistance of counsel who can guide you through the court proceedings, including evaluating the specific facts of your case, making decisions as to whether you will plead guilty or not guilty and explaining to you the ramifications of each decision you make.

An attorney can not only help guide you through this challenging time but also make recommendations tailored to the facts of your case and potentially help you minimize the negative consequences that may come with these charges.