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Going to the Reds game? Beware of OVI charges

As the weather gets warmer in southern Ohio, more and more fans will be coming out in droves to pack the Cincinnati Reds stadium for their home games. After all, baseball remains America’s pastime, as Major League Baseball (MLB) fans everywhere can attest.

Baseball games can be lots of fun for families, couples, groups of die-hard fans or even those who venture out solo to cheer on the Reds from the cheap seats. And along with the popcorn and hot dogs, there is plenty of beer consumption by the Reds’ fans.

An OVI can be life-altering

Even if you have never had as much as a parking ticket on your record, getting arrested on OVI charges can affect your life in many unpleasant ways. If you hold a professional license, e.g., a medical doctor, registered nurse or an attorney, you could lose the right to practice. Even a school bus driver could face a job loss after a conviction for OVI in the Ohio criminal court system.

Not all arrests and convictions are justified

Few people believe that motorists have the right to drink and drive because of the harm that they can unleash on unsuspecting pedestrians and other drivers. But your OVI arrest could have resulted from a device designed to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) that officers failed to correctly calibrate before you blew.

In short, there are many different elements of an OVI arrest that can and should be challenged in court. If you were arrested for OVI after leaving a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, a bar, tavern or party, you may have options to fight the charges and prevail.