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Successful co-parenting after divorce takes planning and work

Going through a divorce means that you have to figure out how to split everything up. One thing that happens in these cases is that parents have to learn how to work through child custody matters in a way that takes the best interests of the children into account. For many parents, this means figuring out an effective method of co-parenting. 

Co-parenting enables both parents to be wholly involved with their children. For the parents, this means having to constantly put forth a considerable effort to develop a new working relationship with their ex-spouse. Using these tips might be beneficial if you’re trying to make co-parenting successful for your children. 

Direct communication

You and your ex need to communicate directly. Trying to use the kids as messengers will almost always backfire. One thing that’s often overlooked is sharing memories and accomplishments with the other parent. Taking the time to send photos and other similar items can help the other parent to remain involved in the child’s life. 

Flexibility and compromise

You and your ex should be as flexible as possible with anything related to the children. Not only does this benefit the children because they can enjoy activities with both sides of their family, it shows them that compromise is a normal part of being an adult. 

Choosing battles carefully

There will be times when you don’t fully agree with what your co-parent is doing. In these cases, it’s best to remember that as long as the children are safe and healthy, you probably don’t have to step into the situation. The exception to this is if your ex is doing something that’s directly against the parenting plan. 

Your parenting plan is the backbone of the co-parenting situation. Having a detailed plan is beneficial to everyone since it sets clear expectations and responsibilities. Discussing the situation with your attorney as you set the plan can help you to ensure you get everything in it that needs to be included.