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Making Your Children the Priority

Mother and DaughterThe issues surrounding custody of children are challenging and emotional. Prolonged disputes can take a toll on both parents and children. Resolving these sensitive matters quickly and effectively requires a family law attorney who has an in-depth knowledge of the laws and procedures pertaining to child custody cases.

At DeBra Law, LLC, we have the understanding and experience required to help you navigate the complex legal process. Our Cincinnati child custody lawyer has a proven track record of obtaining fair custodial arrangements that uphold the best interests of the child. Whether you are a father or a mother, you deserve to stay involved in your child’s life, and we can help you protect your parental rights.

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, contact our child custody lawyers in Cincinnati, Ohio for reliable legal advice and aggressive advocacy.

Determining Child Custody in Cincinnati

The ideal situation for any custody case is that the parents would agree on the terms of the arrangement themselves. When a couple cannot agree on child custody, the matter will be brought before a judge who will decide for them. In Ohio, the courts make child custody decisions based on the best interest of the child.

Father with custody of daughterTo determine a child’s best interest, a judge will consider many factors, including:

  • What the child wants if they are old enough to have a say
  • What the parents desire for the child
  • What adjustments the child would need to make regarding home, school, and community
  • The physical and mental health of the child and parents
  • The child’s relationship with parents and siblings
  • The willingness of each parent to encourage an ongoing relationship between the child and the other parent
  • The cooperation of the parents in decision-making
  • The presence and potential of domestic violence

Based on the court’s evaluation of the above criteria, it will make a decision about whom the child will live with, what the visitation schedule will be like, and who has the right to make important decisions for the child. Although the court prefers to grant joint custody, or shared parenting, there are several situations where the judge may rule to grant sole custody.

When Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With in Ohio?

In Ohio, a child cannot choose which parent they wish to live with until they are 18 years old. Once a child is 12 years or older, the court will consider the child’s wishes, but they are not obligated to fulfill them. Ultimately, the court will create a custody order that’s in the best interest of the child.

At What Age Can a Father Get 50/50 Custody?

A father can try to get 50/50 custody at any age, as long as the child is no longer breast feeding. The reason being that a child that is breast feeding is dependent on his or her mother being physically near them all day. Once a child is weaned, fathers have more of a chance than ever before to be awarded 50/50 custody.

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