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Why timing matters when telling your spouse you want to divorce

Choosing the right moment to tell your spouse you want a divorce is more important than you might think. There is more to it than waiting until you pluck up the courage to tell them.

Before telling your spouse you want a divorce, put yourself in their position and consider how they will react. Getting the timing wrong could cause your spouse to fight harder in the divorce proceedings.

Divorce will disrupt your whole family. If your children have exams coming up, the news will reduce their ability to focus. If one of the family has fallen ill, announcing your divorce could worsen their condition.

When you file for divorce can have financial consequences

The month your divorce finalizes could affect your tax returns. If you need to sell the family home, the price will vary depending on when you sell. The profits from it could also affect your tax return.

Health care insurance and entitlement to benefits may depend on the length of your marriage or your age. Sometimes there is a financial advantage to staying in an unhappy marriage a year or two longer.

When you file for divorce, it helps to know how long the process will take. The more you and your spouse can agree on, the quicker the process should be. Negotiating your divorce can save you time and money over litigating.

There is a lot to consider when timing your divorce. While informing your spouse you want to divorce might seem like the logical first step, it should not be. Before you do anything, you should seek legal advice. Once you have started the ball rolling, it may be difficult to delay things.