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Can I smoke marijuana in Cincinnati?

Summertime in Cincinnati means the chance to listen to some great live music. However, if you enjoy a bit of marijuana with your music, it is crucial to understand the rules. They can be confusing, especially if you have traveled in from elsewhere.

Back in 2019, Cincinnati decriminalized the possession of up to 100 grams of marijuana. Yet that does not mean you cannot still get in trouble for marijuana. Decriminalizing something does not legalize it. In this case, Cincinnati City Council decided to do away with fines and remove the police’s requirement to report marijuana possession as a criminal offense.

So if the police stop you with less than 100 grams in your possession, you may get away with it within the city limits. However, you are still not allowed to use marijuana in public. So even rolling up one joint at a concert could result in consequences. 

You could still face a marijuana charge under Ohio law

The police could still decide to charge you under Ohio state law instead of applying the Cincinnati Council’s law. Ohio classifies possession of up to 100 grams as a misdemeanor. It may also depend on which branch of the law the officer that stops you work for or on a particular officer’s personal preference. If you are not sure of the precise boundaries that limit the city, you could also end up with a charge.

It is easy to get confused about Cincinnati and Ohio marijuana laws. Your interpretation of the law might not be that of a police officer who stops you. While this can lead to unexpected charges, it may also open the door to more defense options. Understanding the relevant details is crucial to constructing a successful defense against marijuana charges.