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2 mistakes to avoid when facing OVI charges

Facing drunk driving charges is a serious matter. If you are convicted, you may face both direct and indirect consequences, and both can greatly impact your life. If you are accused of drunk driving in Ohio, it is in your best interest that you come up with the strongest defense possible so you can have a favorable outcome for your case.

However, while defending yourself (or figuring out how to get out of trouble) it is important that you avoid costly mistakes that can hurt rather than help your case. Here are two common mistakes that you need to steer clear of when charged with Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI).

Trying to talk your way out of trouble

Telling the police that all you had was a bottle may sound like a harmless confession. However, it is still an admission of drunk driving, and it can be sufficient to convict you. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you during your OVI trial. Even if your Breathalyzer result is below the limit, admitting that you have been drinking prior to operating a motor vehicle can still land you in trouble. And if the police ask if you have been out drinking, the best way you should answer this question is, “I don’t think I should answer that question without my lawyer.”

Driving with a suspended license

It is not uncommon for an individual who has been charged with OVI to continue driving while their driver’s license is suspended. Sometimes, they even get back to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. It is important to note that the police have their eyes on you. Besides the criminal penalty that you are likely to face if you are caught driving with a suspended license, doing so will certainly complicate the OVI charge that you are currently facing.

Operating a vehicle while impaired is a serious offense in Ohio just as it is elsewhere. Knowing your legal rights under the law can help you defend yourself when you are charged with OVI in Ohio.