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3 tips to make a divorce easier 

Few people who’ve been through a divorce would say it was easy. Yet some might look back and realize they made it a lot harder than need be.

Here are some tips to help you make your divorce as simple as it can reasonably be:

1. Seek compromise, not a win 

If you win in a particular divorce argument, your spouse must, by default, lose. If they win, then you’ll lose.No one likes losing, so if you view things as a win-or-lose situation, you can expect a fierce battle as each of you does your best to avoid losing.

If you look for a compromise that you can both live with, it becomes easier to achieve that. You both need to accept that you can’t get everything your way and focus on tying things up as efficiently as possible so you can both move on.

2. Don’t go it alone 

Losing one person from your life creates space to allow others to enter. Choose those who will support you through this challenging period. 

That could mean your mother who offers to let you stay or to take the kids for the weekend. It could mean your friend who’ll offer a shoulder to cry on or the one that makes you laugh about stupid things. Or it could mean a qualified therapist or psychologist.

3. Get legal advice

Finally, get legal help to relieve some of the uncertainty from the divorce and understand your rights. If you choose well, they can assist in finding a compromise too.