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Marriage age and the odds of divorce

People sometimes want to know what their odds of divorce look like. One reason for this is that they may suspect that the marriage is going to end, and they want to prepare in advance. They want to know if they can predict a divorce so they can be ready.

There’s no way to 100% predict whether a couple will get divorced or not. Every situation is unique. But there are statistical trends that you can analyze to see what the odds look like. When you do this, you’ll find that the age at which a couple got married is a very big indicator of whether or not they will get divorced.

What is the ideal age?

If there is an ideal age to get married, in terms of reducing divorce odds, it is 32. Prior to turning 32, individuals have a slightly higher divorce risk (11% annually) for every year younger that they are. The odds of divorce are higher for someone who gets married at 25 than they are at 32, for instance, but they’re much higher still for someone at 18 years old.

That said, this is not an indefinite trend. Once you reach age 32, for every year older that you get, your odds of divorce start going back up again by 5% per year. There are many potential reasons for this, including the mere fact that many people getting married at this age are involved in second marriages. But it is true that the trend reverses course at 32.

What if you do get divorced?

As noted, divorce cannot be predicted perfectly, and could happen to anyone. If you find yourself in this position, be sure you are well aware of the legal options at your disposal.