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Can you tell if your child is not coping well with your divorce?

Unfortunately, divorce hurts everyone involved in one way or another and children are no exception. However, many kids have mastered the art of behaving as if nothing is wrong, so you may not notice them struggling right away.

Left unaddressed, any issues your children may have with your divorce could plague them for a long time, perhaps even forever. If you want to be proactive about reducing divorce-related hardships for them, keep an eye out for early indicators that they may not be handling the situation very well.

Sudden regression

If your children seem to be losing some of the skills they have already mastered, divorce might be the source of such regression. Examples to look out for include bedwetting, thumb-sucking and baby-like behaviors.

Sudden clinginess

If your typically independent kids suddenly get emotional when you must leave them, it may mean they are not handling your divorce well. Displaying unusual neediness or clinginess is one way children may express their inability to cope.

Sudden school problems

If your children’s grades are falling or they are getting into trouble at school (fighting, etc.), your divorce may be part of the reason. It is not uncommon for school-aged kids to act out their frustrations with others in their age group.

Try not to blame yourself if you notice these signs in your kids. Once you spot potential problems, you have excellent odds of addressing them before they worsen and affect your children in the long term.

One option to consider is modifying your child custody arrangements under Ohio law, at least until your divorce concludes. This can reassure and comfort your children until they become accustomed to their new way of life.