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Enforcing Child Custody & Support Orders

If your former spouse or the other parent of your child is violating your divorce or child custody order, you have the right to file a motion of contempt. This is an official request to the court to require an individual to perform the stipulations of the court order. The court may also penalize the person for noncompliance.

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Filing For Contempt Of Court In Ohio

Although contempt can result in penalties such as fines and jail time, the ultimate goal is not punishment. The primary purpose of contempt is to pressure someone into compliance with a family law order.

Common reasons for filing a motion for contempt include:

  • Disregarding a court-ordered division of assets
  • Failing to pay spousal support
  • Withholding child support
  • Refusing to permit court-ordered parenting time

For an individual to be found in contempt, the accuser must prove that 1) there was a court order in place that required the accused to do, or not do, some act and 2) the accused failed to comply with that court order. Depending on if you are the accuser or the accused, our skilled Cincinnati contempt lawyer can work with you to gather evidence to establish these two facts or to defend against the accusations made against you.

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