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Going virtual to manage a busy career and custody

As a parent, you want to be with your child as much as you can. Sometimes, that’s hard. You’ve worked in your career and industry for many years to get where you are today. That means you have to continue putting in time at the company. You might have to travel for work often, or you could have to put in overtime to finish a project coming due.

While you may have a custody schedule that helps work around your schedule, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel like you have enough time with your child. To add on extra time, something you could consider is virtual visitation. 

What is virtual visitation?

Virtual visitation is a type of visitation that parents can set up that doesn’t have a physical requirement. This means that you don’t need to be physically present to be in contact with your child.

Virtual visitation isn’t intended to replace physical custody or visitation. However, it can be added to your custody schedule to provide you or your child’s other parent more time to speak and interact with them despite not having physical custody at that time. 

Here’s an example.

Imagine that you have to go away for two weeks for work. Normally, you might have four or five days of custody in that time, but you have to be flexible. The other parent takes the time, and you can either make up those missed days later or go back to your normal schedule when you return.

An extra option is to change your schedule but include a virtual visitation on the days you should have been there. Calling over the video, playing video games together, or texting can all be virtual visitation options. Consider this kind of arrangement if you have to be away, so you can still see your child.