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CDL Drivers Face Major Risks In OVI Charges

Anyone who has received an OVI charge is facing steep consequences. For CDL drivers, it becomes even more complicated and more risky. If convicted, your job and possibly ability to find work might be at risk. With stakes that high, you have to turn to someone you can trust.

Our attorney, Ryan DeBra, founder of DeBra Law, LLC, has worked with clients throughout Ohio who find themselves in these situations. For CDL drivers in Cincinnati, he provides guidance throughout the process as well as aggressive advocacy in their defense. When we work with you, our goal is to examine your case, discuss potential solutions and fight for your rights.

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Your driving privileges can be revoked if you are convicted of these charges. The length of time you are disqualified depends on the specific offense. It usually ranges from 60 days to life. If you are pulled over with any detectable amount of alcohol, you will be forced to sit out for 24 hours. For those who have a .04 breath test, it becomes one year out of service. For your second offense, you are banned for life. This is why it is crucial to have the right lawyer by your side.

For those who are convicted, it is possible to appeal the decision. Within 30 days of mailing the paperwork, a hearing is scheduled. No matter what stage in the process you are at, we will do everything we can to defend your rights. We understand the significance this case has on your career. From beginning to end, we will be honest with you about setting realistic expectations. We will not back down from a challenge and are here to be your strongest advocates against OVI/DUI charges.

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